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Our Mission

To preserve and enhance Radnor’s open space and natural assets through engagement with and education of our community in sustainable environmental stewardship.

Preserve natural assets in Radnor:

We promote the restoration of the aging tree canopy through the Radnor Conservancy’s Big Tree Program, our annual Shade Tree Giveaway, and by working with residents to help them better understand tree health and long-term care.

We advocate and foster Radnor Township trail projects, working closely with the Board of Commissioners, the Parks and Recreation Department, and trail consultants.


We promote sustainable plantings on private and public land through educational programming that encourages the use of native plants and rain gardens, and emphasizes the threat invasive plants place on our open space.

We encourage the preservation of open space and the planting of trees to improve the health and quality of creeks, streams, and rivers in our local watershed.

Engage and educate all our citizens in sustainable environmental practices:

We sponsor and collaborate with other Radnor organizations, Radnor Township, as well as the Radnor Township School District, on environmental programs and events for all ages. We initiate and participate in the stewardship of Radnor Township parks and creeks through volunteer cleanups of invasive vegetation and trash.   

Encourage the protection of Open Space in Radnor:

We encourage Radnor Township and its residents to take ownership of all parks and open spaces and to invest in their long-term care and maintenance. We provide information to support environmentally sustainable policies. We promote the idea of conservation easements as a tool to protect land from future development.


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