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radnor township trails


At Radnor Conservancy, we advocate for and help foster Radnor Township trail projects, working closely with the Board of Commissioners, the Parks and Recreation Department, and trail consultants. We encourage Radnor Township and its residents to take ownership of all parks and open space, including trails, and to invest in their long-term care and maintenance. In recent years, trails have been an increasingly important and popular offering of Radnor’s Parks and Recreation department.

The Radnor Conservancy has been involved with the development of each of these projects and is advocating for new trails to enhance and interconnect the existing trail network. 


Trails enhance the quality of life with close-to-home recreation that brings vitality and business to downtown areas. Residents and others who use trails for exercise and recreation come to appreciate and conserve nearby history and natural resources. Trails serve as on-road and off-road bicycle and pedestrian routes. Trail improvements will enhance pedestrian and bicycle access to public transportation, create trails that serve a transportation purpose, offer a safe walk to school route, and promote safety and mobility in our community.


Trails provide social, health, and economic benefits to a community. They provide additional locations for interaction among neighbors and can contribute to an improved quality of life and a stronger sense of community. Trails can improve the community’s general health and well-being through opportunities for physical activity. According to a study by The Rails to Trails Conservancy titled Economic Benefits of Trails and Greenways, the economic benefits of trails can even include increased property values for properties located near trails.


The Radnor Conservancy believes that trails give everyone in our community the opportunity to directly experience the natural beauty that makes Radnor so special.  Please reach out to us to share your thoughts on where and how Radnor should develop its trail network–or even better, to get involved!


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