Who We Are

Our Board:
Laura Luker, President
Cheryl Tumola, Vice President
Gretchen Groebel, Executive Director
Jeff Goggins, Secretary
Scott Miltenberger, Treasurer
Lorna Atkinson
Beverlee Barnes
Tracey Carney
Charles Kline
Hank Mahoney
Tracy Pulos
Joanna Stott

2017 Intern:
Emma Lasky, Bryn Mawr College

Summer 2016 interns:
Annika DeRoos, Radnor High School
Spencer DeRoos, Cornell University
Tim Moran, Bowdoin College
Willem McGee, Radnor High School

Past Board Members:
Matt Baumann
Kathy Bogosian
Leslie Bowes
Alan Brink
Dotti Dewey
Kimberley Donches
John Fischer – President
Laura Harrington
Jay Junior
Ginny Kreitler – Co-founder
Jeanne LaRouche
Robin Mann
Laurie Miccolis
John Nagle
Greg Norden
Steve Paolantonio – President
Eve Pierce
Elaine Schaefer – Co-founder
Dave Toomey – President
Phil Wallis

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