What We Do

Radnor Conservancy Mission Statement:

To preserve and enhance Radnor’s open space and natural assets through engagement and education of the Radnor Community in sustainable environmental stewardship.

 I.   Encourage the protection of Open Space in Radnor:

A resource for landowners, local tax/financial planners and real estate professionals about the options in protecting property, through easements.

Provides supporting information to the Township in regards to making ordinances or policies environmentally sustainable.

II.   Preserve natural assets in Radnor:

Promote the restoration of the aging tree canopy through the Radnor Conservancy’s Big Tree Program and the Township.

A steward of Radnor trails with the Township’s Parks and Recreation department, Friends of Radnor Trails, Scouts and others.

Promote sustainable plantings on private and public land by continuing the Conservancy’s Conservation Corps program and in collaboration with the Bird Town – Back Yard Habitat Program.

 Identify and encourage the preservation of historic and cultural assets related to open space and natural features, like  gardens, cemeteries, landscapes, and trees that are part of our shared history.

 III.  Engage and Educate all citizens of Radnor in sustainable environmental practices:

 Sponsors and collaborates with other Radnor organizations, Radnor Township as well as RT School District, on environmental programs and events that include all ages.

Initiates and participates in the clean up of Radnor’s parks, creeks and invasive vegetation.


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