Save Ardrossan!

Radnor township is now considering an opportunity to purchase an important portion of the Ardrossan Estate to save as open space.

It is urgent that you make your voice heard before this opportunity is lost forever.  Don’t let the voices of opposition and false data be the only voices heard by our township officials.

A very vocal small group of citizens have organized to oppose the purchase of any portion of the property, primarily based on flawed tax projections that simply are NOT true. They are making their voices heard through an organized opinion letter writing campaign to the local newspapers and conversations with township officials at Listening Sessions with Township Manager, Bob Zienkowski.

There are two easy ways you can be heard:

  1. Attend a Listening Session with the township manager and tell him you support the use of public money to buy and preserve open space at Ardrossan.  These are very informal, drop in sessions (no cameras, no microphones) where you can, in ten minutes, express your support for the public preservation of a portion of Ardrossan.
    Listening sessions are being held the following dates and times:
    • Thursday, September 22nd, 9-10:30 am; 1:30-3 pm
    • Saturday, September 24th, 8:30-10:30 am
  2. Email our Township Manager and express your support for the use of public money to purchase a permanent asset that will enhance the economic and environmental health as well as the quality of life in Radnor township forever. His email address is

Speak up before this opportunity is lost forever.

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