Upcoming Events

Upcoming Programs & Events

All programs are free and open to the public, except when noted. If advance registration is specified please contact us at ggroebel@radnorconservancy.org or by phone at 610-688-8202. If you would like to discuss how you can assist the Radnor Conservancy’s Education Committee, please email us at the above email address.


Beekeeping, Honey, and Cheese Pairing Workshop – 6/14 @10:00AM


Register and Pay Online

$45 per person and limited to 25 students.

JACKSON HOLE WILD ON TOUR – CONSERVATION FILM SERIES 1/12, 2/21, 3/15, 4/17, 5/17 @ 7:00PM

Radnor Memorial Library, along with its partners Radnor Conservancy, Radnor Bird Town, and Radnor Township’s EAC, invite you to attend our 1st winter and spring conservation film series that features 5 award-winning, outstanding films that will educate and inspire us to become engaged in conservation. We have purchased rights to screen films that were entered at the 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. All of the filmmakers, who are passionate about their craft and the world we live in, love sharing their films with smaller audiences in the hope that it invites discussion after the screening. The artists, who themselves are involved in conservation, hope to empower us in our local communities to get involved.

List of Films  (most films about 1-hr. in length):

4/17/17–Monday FILM Secrets of Bumblebees-produced by ORF and Power of Earth Productions in association with ORF-Enterprise. This film follows a young bumblebee queen through the year, to experience with her the life of the bees’ furry sisters.

Screening at Radnor Township Building (Upstairs 2nd Floor) This event has passed.

Secrets of Bumblebees

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017 banner-arbor-day-2017

Time: 6:00pm
Ithan Valley Park 642 South Ithan Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
*Location is subject to change

Come join Radnor Township, Radnor Conservancy, and Radnor Cub Scouts as we celebrate being named a 2016 Tree City USA!

This is the 25th year Radnor has received this national recognition. In order to become a Tree City, a Township must meet four standards: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a comprehensive community forestry program, and an Arbor Day observance.

5/17/17–FILM E.O. Wilson – Of Ants and Men-produced by Shining Red Productions, Inc. This is a two-hour film about the life & extraordinary scientific odyssey of one of America’s greatest living thinkers, E.O. Wilson. Starting with his unusual childhood in Alabama, it chronicles the lifelong love for the natural world that led him to Harvard and the studies that would establish him as the world’s foremost authority on ants.

E.O. Wilson


Hikes at The Willows Park – lead by L.L. Bean Instructor

Sunday April 9 and Saturday May 6

LL Bean Conservancy Hikes 2017

Hiking with MLSN and Radnor Conservancy 

Register through http://www.mainlineschoolnight.org/ $15 fee for NON-MLSN members and $10 for members.

Saturday April 22, 1-3pm, Lead by Mary Coe: Go “off the beaten path” and hike hidden trails right in Radnor! Learn about wild plants along the way and explore some of the historic mill ruins along Darby Creek.  This event has passed.

Sunday April 30, 1-3pm, Lead by Mary Coe: Go “off the beaten path” and hike hidden trails right in Radnor! Learn about wild plants along the way and explore some of the historic mill ruins along Darby Creek.  

Birding with Phil Witmer – Thursday May 18, 8- 10am (with Main Line School Night and Radnor Conservancy) at The Willows Park

Experience the exciting hobby of bird watching. Find out what you need and what’s new in field guides and electronic gadgets. Discuss the art and science of bird identification, as well as the best times and places to go. Walk will include birding basics and binocular training. Dress for the weather and be prepared to walk a trail. We will walk rain or shine. Any skill level welcome. Register through http://www.mainlineschoolnight.org/ $15 fee for NON-MLSN members and $10 for members.




* Stay tuned for Bee Program – spring 2017

* Stay tuned for Historic Walk – spring 2017

View our past events here  

2 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. lloyd Goodman says:

    You emailed a notice about cutting vines but I could not open it nor find it on your website.
    Please tell me when and where & what to bring.

  2. admin says:

    Volunteers Needed
    Please note DATE & TIME Change
    ***Saturday March 18 at 10:00 am***
    Rain-Snow date of March 25 (same time)
    Ithan Valley Park
    642 South Ithan Avenue
    Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

    Saturday March 18 at 10:00 am there will be a crew at Ithan Valley Park directed by John Hosbach, the Radnor Township arborist, to continue our project of preventing invasive vines from continuing to debilitate the trees in the park.

    We would like volunteers to please respond to Diana Mizer at
    barkmeowetc@gmail.com or call her at 610.527.9445, so that we will
    have an idea of how many tools we will need to supply.

    Work description:

    Manual cutting utilizing hand held loppers and hand snips to cut vines that are generally growing from the base of the tree upwards. No climbing, ladders or telescopic needs will be required. All work will be done from the ground plane area.

    Gloves and work boots are mandatory.

    Guidance and training will be done throughout the project scope. Work will be conducted in a forest setting.

    Our goal is to cut vines at the base and allow them to naturally die and wither away. Pulling the vines could cause damage to the trees structure.

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