Willisbrook Preserve

The 126-acre Willisbrook Preserve includes just over 20 acres of the Willistown Serpentine Barrens, a rare ecosystem. These barrens support a diverse variety of plants, including serpentine aster, round-leafed fame flower, and warm-season grasses. The preserve, which was donated to Natural Lands Trust in 1961, holds special significance as the first property that we received through donation.

In 2010, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR) designated portions of Willisbrook Preserve—specifically the Sugartown Serpentine Barrens—as a “Pennsylvania Wild Plant Sanctuary.” The program encourages the conservation of natural areas and native plants, and recognizes private landowners who serve as models of good conservation and stewardship of these special resources.

Parking at Greater Chester Valley Soccer Association fields, 7/10 mile northwest of Boot Road on Line Road

Features 4 miles of unpaved trails-From natlands.org

Willisbrook Preserve


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