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We at the Radnor Conservancy are part of a larger coalition working on the expansion of the Radnor Trail and promoting other trail enhancement & expansion projects. We also help support small community-based citizen groups with park improvements & trail maintenance.

Radnor Township has received a matching grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to formulate a long range plan which will help us come up with ways to not only enjoy and connect to our parks and recreational facilities but also to get to them- in some cases without needing to use cars!

From the drop down menu above you will find information about several of the local parks,  Area Preserves and trails in and around our community.

The Valley Forge-Heinz Refuge Trail Alliance

Additionally, the Radnor Conservancy has been one of the leaders in promoting the construction of a multi-use trail within the Route 100 SEPTA trolley line which would connect the existing Radnor Trail with the Cobbs Creek Trail in west Philadelphia.

The Route 100 trolley right-of-way, which was once used by the ill-fated Philadelphia and Western Railroad, is wide enough to accommodate four tracks.  However, only the two tracks in the northern half of the right-of-way were ever installed.  The Conservancy is pushing for a feasibility study to determine whether it would be possible to build a trail in the southern half of the ROW.

The next step is to raise the money for the study, estimated to cost $150,000.  The coalition is looking at several potential sources of funding, including grant money which is now available for trail projects.

Valley Forge-Heinz Refuge Trail Draft Report

Rt-100-Trail-Map proposed trail