Check out our Big Tree Project!

The next time you drive down Lancaster Ave, look out for the shade trees that have been planted along the road from one end of Radnor to the other.  Over 70 trees have found a home along Lancaster since 2009.   They were planted as a result of a cooperative effort between The Chanticleer Foundation, the Radnor Conservancy and Radnor Township, called The Big Tree Program.  The program’s mission is to help sustain Radnor’s decreasing tree canopy by planting shade trees that will continue provide a leafy backdrop for our community as they grow.

Landowners with appropriate planting sites along Lancaster were contacted and offered trees, and then given a choice of species and help with site location with the assistance of a landscape architect working with the project.  Species include maples, oaks, elms and zelkova.

Look for the Big Tree Program’s new plantings next spring to continue in neighborhoods across the Township as efforts are made to replace shade trees that have been lost due to age and disease.   This successful program is a great example of what a public/private partnership can accomplish in Radnor.

Township workers planting trees

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